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Pool of youth trainers in Macedonia


The non formal education in Macedonia is highly needed and present in the last years. The interest of the young people for training and workshops where they can additionally strengthen their capacities is increased.

The providers of non formal education of Macedonia are mostly the civil sector and specific training/teaching bodies. The organizations from the civil sector are usually providing training in the field where they work and offer practice for implementing the knowledge gained. The other training/teaching bodies are offering short or long term training for specific areas.

The National Youth Council of Macedonia is the first body which gather youth trainers from different cities in Macedonia at one place in a pool of trainers. The pool of trainers was established in June 2014 and is still operating on National level providing educational support to young people, members of the National Youth Council and other organizations.

The Pool of Trainers is a resource expert group consisted of young trainers, experienced in non-formal education, youth work and intercultural learning with extensive knowledge of areas of interest to young people. Its members participate in the implementation of program activities of NYCM, its member organizations but also of other organizations and/or institutions, which, in order to implement its own program activities, require hiring a trainer from the Pool of Trainers of NYCM. More information about the Pool of trainers can be found here.


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