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PDCAE Public Accreditation

In PYTBUL strategic partnership we are working on four different Intellectual Outputs. One of them is PDCAE (Programme for Developing Competences for Autonomous Employment), a non-formal learning program that will provide youth participants with the development of competencies, real social networks and project ideas for creating employments, independent of the labour market and/or improve competitiveness of youth on the labour market.

uradni list

The program curricula will contain the elements, analysis and justifications required by the professional council of the Ministry for Education of Slovenia for the purpose of public accreditation of the program:

A. general elements

  1. name of the program of education
  2. scope of education according to the program
  3. conditions for attending the program
  4. conditions for completing the program

B. specific elements

  1. subject catalogues

1.1. standards and contents of knowledge, skills and competences

1.2. minimal number of hours of organised educational work and extent of compulsory educational work for participants of the program

1.3. knowledge demanded from the program implementators

1.4. public validity of knowledge, skills and competencies gained by the program of education

  1. examination catalogues

2.1. standards and contents of knowledge, skills and competences

2.2. methods and ways of testing knowledge

2.3. knowledge being tested

PDCAE aims to solve problems which are not being properly addressed by education and employment policies. It will help to create a social environment in which young people can recognize the importance of proactive action, autonomy and the value of informally gained knowledge. In the program mentors will use a comprehensive approach to help participants improve their competences for creating employments independent of the labour market (autonomous employment).