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What does the CANVAS methodology have to do with me?

Since Add+venture goal is to take you on a learning journey during which you’ll build you business’s or initiative’s CANVAS, let’s get you acquainted a bit more with CANVAS concept!

Originally, it stated as Business Model Canvas but it evolved into The Mission Model Canvas! And this is important because it enabled people to use this originally pure business methodology in different endeavors, not just start-ups.

Add+venture platform will offer it’s users chance to work with it whether in profit or non-profit context.

Here are the basics!

Here’s which answers CANVAS can offer you if at your undertaking’s core you have a mission and not earning money as your main goal?

More on how this transformation of CANVAS methodology occurred:

We hope this leaves you intrigued by this methodology and listening, because Add+venture platform is coming your way pretty soon!

Stay tuned!


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