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The implementation of Youth Guarantee started in Macedonia


Youth Guarantee is a program implemented by the EU countries starting 2012 with a main aim increasing the employment of the young people in their countries. Fighting the non-employment while building the capacities of the young people is crucial point for the development of one country. In this post we will not speak about the results of the Youth Guarantee in the different countries in Europe, we will leave this part to the experts which are doing the evaluation and the young people which were part of it, but for the pilot phase which is happening in Macedonia.

Macedonia started implementing the Youth Guarantee in 2018. The process is implemented by the Ministry for Social Work and Policies, the Employment Agency and the National Youth Council of Macedonia. In the first 3 months of 2018, the workers from the Employment Agency were trained about the program in general. The program is implemented in the territory of the city of Skopje (9 municipalities) and the municipality of Gostivar and Strumica. On local level the program is promoted by street based workers which are the members organization of the National Youth Council. Krik, as member organization of the National Youth Council is coordinating 3 municipalities in Skopje (Aerodrom, Chair and Saraj).

The Youth Guarantee should support the autonomous employment and encourage the young people to widen their horizons and start thinking about different ways of employment while contributing to the society.

Meetings are planned in the next period with the Agency of Employment in order to established collaboration for the PYLE project and discuss the opportunities which the Agency can provide to the project activities.

The street based workers started implementing the promotion activities and reaching the young people since April 2018.

Looking forward to the results of the program.

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