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Join the online course: Essentials of Youth Policy

If you are youth worker, leader or researcher or just working in youth NGO and want to learn more about how can policies enable young people to be active citizens and how can they support young people to be included in society and to realise their potential and aspirations – they you should join the course “Essentials of Youth Policy”, which is starting on 8th of October 2018.

But first, what is “youth policy”?

A youth policy is a strategy by public authorities, providing young people with opportunities for successful integration in society and enabling them to be active and responsible.

This course will equip learners with the basic competences to engage in youth policy. Learners will learn about the essential elements of youth policy, the steps of youth policy (development, delivery, evaluation), its impact in the lives of young people, and they will reflect on their future steps in youth policy.

Course is online so it is open and free for anyone interested, so if you want to enroll, you can apply here as soon as possible, because the course is starting of the October 8th and it will last until the November 18th.

To read more about the course, its objectives and instructors, click here.

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