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Code.Innovate.Connect is a project that CYA Krik is implementing with a partner ship with Zavod Ypsion, from Slovenia and is proudly supported by the company SAP.

The project has three phases. The first one #CODE is consisted of 4 workshop for the coding languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The workshops offered placement for 25 people to gain basic knowledge about the topics.


The second part of the project, #INNOVATE is consisted of one opening event, which is the official start. On this event teams will be formed, which will work on the topics of Smart Cities, Smart Villages and Sport Data.

The teams will create solutions of given challenges and pitch their ideas in front of a jury.

The second event is semi-finals event, which the jury is going to announce the winner team. The winner team is getting an award – trip to Slovenia.

During the trip, the team will pitch their idea and compete with the winning teams from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.


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