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Implementing inclusive youth programs in Skopje, Macedonia

Why stop now?!?

Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK since its begging has been delivering inclusive youth programs in Special Schools and Special Institutions in Skopje.  This year this programs are continuing. What do we want? Inclusive societies! Where do we want it? NOW! We start with little steps, than bigger steps, than running and jumping into the world of mess. Making changes isn’t easy but we won’t stop. This year KRIK is delivering 4 Inclusive Youth programs in 4 different Special Schools and Special Institutions for young people with disabilities. The main goal of the program is to work on the social and personal development of the young people, to break the stereotypes about people with disabilities, to learn from one another. Participants on this programs are young people from the institutions and young people with typical development. Trough non formal methods we are reaching our goal. Special educators and youth workers who followed a program for delivering inclusive activities are the facilitators of this programs.

The Inclusive Youth Programs are specifically designed for each School/Institution and the needs of the specific target groups. Each program is consisted of 10 workshops and lasting for 2 hours each. Non formal activities, team building activities, creative workshops, outdoor activities, cooking workshops etc. Workshops with specific topics like communication, sexual and reproductive health, the importance of physical activities, healthy food and healthy lifestyle etc. During the whole program the focus is on the inclusion. The special educators and youth workers are building their competences, the young people are understanding the need of accepting all no mater the differences all people have. After each program there is final event for presenting the results to a bigger audience. To raise the awareness to a wider number of people.

We won’t stop! ^^

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