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4th Transnational PYLE Meeting: Ljubljana

We spent a couple of April rainy working days with partners from the PYLE project in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Fifteen people gathered: professionals from each partner organization and participants that have already been involved in former stage of the project.

The main three goals of this meeting were be to build a platform for the Informal Curriculum for PDCAE Mentor Training and the Recommendations for its implementation which are the two remaining Intellectual Outputs of the project and to take a look on how the dissemination plans are going and where we will still activate forces in this regard.
Excluding very social dinners, the most interesting parts were without a doubt presenting first results of training implementation analysis and evaluation and common creation of Informal Curriculum (defining chapters, contents, main focuses …). You can as well see that we had great fun at awarding Proofs of Attendance.

And – the absolute highlight! Visit of Danijela Jović, one of the initiators of all that is now happening … It was emotional, short and very, very sweet.

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