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Out of our creative minds, bodies and souls, we present you with add+venture, Impact Hub Belgrade’s PYTBUL intellectual output! It has taken and given us so much, we can’t even joke about it.

We’re just truly grateful and amazed, that this year-long process is kind of over, its first phase within PYTBUL to be exact, and that we get to sit back a little and enjoy this crazy inspiring time we shared.

Without further ado, the add+venture that you are about to embark on will go like this:

  1. Sign up

In addition to the usual information, such as name, age etc., you will also be asked to list five of your skills, as well as up to three past or ongoing projects. Please be sure to complete the sign up process in one pass.If you wish to change any of your profile information you initially filled, you can always do so by clicking the “Edit profile” button.

Sign up


2. You will need to select whether your idea is related to starting a whole new business or company, or whether it involves a short-term engagement, such as a project or one-off undertaking.

Choosing the track


3. Next, you will find yourself facing what seems to be an endless wall of questions. Don’t run away; we’re trying to tailor a unique course specifically for your level of knowledge, skill and competence. Use this opportunity for self-reflection and answer honestly!

Designing your add+venture pathway

4. Home – Dashboard

This page contains all the important information about your Add+Venture profile/project. The most important display is your overall progress on the platform – going by each topic, percentage of your idea’s Canvas fulfillment and overall progress. Another important feature is the “Filling the Canvas” section. Here you can take your questions from the “To do” section, and in the “Done” section always keep track of what you’ve already done.

Dashboard icons

5.  LEARN!

When you get to your Dashboard, you can take the first lessons by clicking the “Learn” button. This will take you to the lessons you need to go over, which are made to be fun and different! You will get a TED talk, PowerPoint presentation or plain old text file, because we believe in supporting different learning styles!

  • You most likely had some amazing ideas while reflecting on what you just saw, read or heard, which is why there is a “Make a note” button, and by clicking it you can take notes, every time you need to!


Any time you want to check your Canvas, other than the progress indicator, which is displayed on your Dashboard, there is a “Canvas” button for you to click on!

  • When your idea has been Canvas-ed, you can print it, save it and then start a completely new one from the beginning!

7. Privacy policy

As far as the privacy of your profile is concerned, you’re the only one that can access, view or edit it! However, if you wish to share your idea with someone, you can do so by clicking “share” button on your dashboard!

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did making it!


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