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Team meeting in Krik about PYLE activities

After the first transnational meeting which happened in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the members from Krik get together to discuss the management of the project activities on National level and to prepare a team which will be working on the implementation.

Team of 2 people is responsible for coordination and management of all the project activities in general. For each of the activities specific person can and will be named according to the needs of the activities.

Everyone from the Executive Office got informed about the project activities by the 2 responsible people. Everyone are well averred of what will be happening and they are all enthusiastic about the project activities.

Information meetings were made with representatives from the National Youth Council of Macedonia and the Union of Youth Work considering as relevant stakeholders when it comes for young people. The representatives were also invited to the second transnational meeting which happened in Skopje in April 2018.

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