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PYLE activities started in Krik – Good Practice of Emancipated Learning

Center for Youth Activism Krik started implementing the PYLE activities on local level. In the first phase of the project, during the period of January till May 2018 all of the partners were actively working on developing the Intellectual output 1- Good Practice of Emancipated Learning.

In order to develop the document, as part of the planned activities, in Krik (also in the other partners’ organizations) was organized focus group with the employees of the organizations. The focus group happened in February where 6 employees from the Executive Office of Krik were participating. During the focus group, the participants were discussing the good practice they were evaluating and the topics of emancipated learning and autonomous employment. The participants conclude that their work in Krik is autonomies employment and this give them even bigger motivation to work on implementing the activities on local level.

After the focus group was delivered, the group continued reading different literature which helped them prepare their part of the documents. During this period, the theories of youth work were also elaborated on. Youth work as a new profession (at least on the Balkans-where is present for around 50-60 years) is lacking theories and papers on Balkan languages. The employees in Krik found it really interesting to connect different learning theories with the theories on which social work is based on and combine it together to better explain their work on local level.

More about the Good Practice of Emancipated Learning are coming in the next period so stay tuned J

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