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Youth Policy in Macedonia

The youth policies in Macedonia are in the focus of the youth organizations, governmental organizations and the politicians in the last year. The bigger representative body when it comes to youth policies is the National Youth Council of Macedonia.

The National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM) is a union of organizations where organizations and foundations from the Republic of Macedonia are registered on a voluntary basis. NYCM was established on 29 June 2013 by 55 organizations.

The NYCM is a representative body for youth organizations in Macedonia. NYCM unites 50 organizations, 20 youth organizations, 16 organizations for youth, 1 union, 8 wings of political parties and 5 associate members, in order to promote and advocate for the rights of the Macedonian youth.

The membership of the NYCM is diverse, bringing together organizations working at national and regional level, rural and urban areas, student organizations, branches of international organizations and other types of organizations. In the process of achieving their goals, NYCM represents the interests of young people in Macedonia regardless of their socio-economic status, gender, race, ethnic and cultural background, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other form of difference.

From November 29, 2015, the NYCM is part of the European family of youth organizations called the European Youth Forum (EYF).

For more information on the work of the National Youth Council from Macedonia you can read here

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