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PYLE meeting in Krik

After the Transnational Meeting in Pula, Croatia the team from the Executive office in Krik held a meeting about the process of implementation of the future project activities. Specific plan for the Mentor Training was made for all the modules with detailed timetables. The project coordinator gave responsibilities to all team members according to the project activities. The team was discussing for the possible participants on the Training, the application process and selection of participants. It was pointed to organize a meeting with the Agency of  Employment and also with the Center for Life Long learning in order the Mentoring Training Program to be recognized and certified.

The project coordinator explained how the evaluation processes will be done, all the forms for the trainers, participants and for the final reports. We discussed about the document for the National Recommendation, the content of it, guidelines and template for it.

Dates for future meetings were suggested. A lot of activities are ahead of us so stay tuned!


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