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EVS in CYA Krik

European Voluntary Service gives so many opportunities to young people to develop and learn. Krik is working with this program for 3 years and since then Krik has sent or hosted more than 50 young people for short – term and long – term EVS projects.

The volunteers that arrive in Krik have much to learn and to do. The annual activities of Krik consist of youth programs in special school during the school year, local initiatives and advocacy campaigns.

Depending of the previous knowledge, when the volunteers arrive, they start with a two week learning programme in which they gain knowledge about youth work, social inclusion, preparing and implementing youth programs and workshops and, of course, Erasmus+.

For many of them, the volunteering in Krik is the first opportunity to meet or work with young people with disabilities. This is a big challenge both for the volunteers and for the staff in Krik. That is why, through the learning process, the volunteers are prepared to face and work with people with disabilities.


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