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Implementation of PDCAE program in Macedonia

The PDCAE program is going to be implemented in Macedonia. In the period of October and November, the training team together with the team from Krik was working on planning the program and targeting the participants.

The program will take place in Skopje in the Youth Center Krikni in the period of December 2018-March 2019. The training team is consisted of Mila Karadafova and Dragan Atanasov, both of them are youth workers and trainers in the youth field.

The first module will happen in the third week of December 17-21. The second module will be implemented during the second week of January 08-13. The third module will happen the second week of February 4-10. The forth module will happen during the period of February and March.

The participants of the program are the field workers which are working on mapping NEET young people in the local community for the Youth Guarantee process in different municipalities in Skopje.

The training team, Krik team and the field workers are enthusiastic and looking forward the training program to happen.

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