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Think.COOP – Support for Founders of Cooperatives

Think.COOP has been developed as a low-cost, easy to use training tool for those interested in establishing or joining a cooperative. It draws on technical content from existing materials in different ILO cooperative training tools and peer-to-peer, activity based learning methodology from the ILO’s Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) programme, Think.COOP is a 6 hour module providing simple information on the basics of cooperatives.

At the end of the one-day orientation, participants are expected to:
•Understand what a cooperative is (values and principles, differences from other forms of organizations and enterprises etc.)
•Understand the specific benefits and challenges related to cooperative model compared to other types of enterprises or economic organizations; and
•Be able to make an informed and conscious decision of whether a cooperative might be a suitable business option for the participant.

By clicking to the picture you can take a look at the program modules:

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