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Add+venture platform is on the way!

Young people living in exYU countries do not sufficiently participate in the socio-economic development of their communities. Low-educated young people, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, drop-outs from school etc. are already structurally excluded from these processes. Youth is producing amazing ideas in youth entrepreneurship trainings yet the activities for the realization of these are practically non-existent.

This is the area in which PYTBUL project and its’ three partners from Slovenia, Croatia and us, Serbia, are seeking to offer functioning solutions!

Impact Hub Belgrade’s Intellectual Output within PYTBUL project is a “learning by doing”online web tool enabling youth and all aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their ideas whether those are profit or nonprofit, a whole new business or project initiative! Add+venture platform will offer space, context, tools and various pathways to successfully shaping your idea using CANVAS methodology.

Our vision is encouraging young people to take action and make their first step in realizing their ideas both big and small. We believe that seemingly small act of fence painting can bare enormous potential of social change. Using canvas methodology driven online platform we aspire to offer resources and community building enabling environment for every sleeping nonprofit initiative and business idea to get awakened!

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