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Summerpreneurship – where ideas get paid!

So, you are building your prototype, testing your product or service and seeing how it performs on the market.

Is it selling? Does it sell up to the plans/projections you had? Who are your customers? What kind of challenge are you helping them solve with your service/product? How are you communicating with them? What are your next steps? Do you or your team have all the competences needed to further develop your business?

No matter in which industry your innovation, product or service relates to, every entrepreneur and business practitioner needs to understand his//her customers and markets, and find a path to sustainable revenues.

To help you address these and other issues and to support you through the entrepreneurial path, we at Impact Hub Belgrade  designed our “Summerpreneurship” program a hands-on, practical, one-week long boot-camp. Summerpreneurship is based on the SpringU acceleration and on the Core-Competence skill set curriculum developed by Paul Bell, an international business training consultant working in conjunction with Impact Hub Belgrade’s Pavle Krivokuca – entrepreneur, trainer and chief of operations.

More on the program and everything and anything you can expect if you join us on this in Impact Hub Belgrade –


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