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Add+venture team

Building an online platform from the scratch turns out to be a challenging, rewarding and above all team-building activity, as we’ve come to learn these past months!

Since we have had many phases in this project when we had to learn along the way and somehow let ourselves follow platform’s flow instead of simply executing previously planned steps, Add+venture process seriously threatens to raise the working standards in Impact Hub Belgrade altogether! It will certainly answer a few questions related to the way we plan and manage creative process. Ever-changing digital landscape opens and almost requires that we come up with new approaches, fresh inspiration and even learning strategies and habits. Since we feel that these findings could be very valuable to those who ponder the digital universe and it’s possibilities, we’ll write more on this subject in months to come!

And now, without further ado, here are the creators of Add+venture! /from left to right/


Gaia Montelaticci, platform content expert

The networking is dedicated to people’s diversity. As an anthropologist with M.A. from Arizona State University, I connect multi sectoral practices with unlikely expectations, and that is what moves me as a maker of Impact Hub in Belgrade. I am also often engaged as a EU programming consultant for social inclusion, entrepreneurship, and employability of youth. The link between anthropology, and the people driven business strengthens the cultural diversity and that is what grows our Impact Hub community in Belgrade.

Pavle Krivokuca, platform content expert

Pavle Krivokuća, one of Impact Hub Belgrade Makers and Chief of operations, holds 8 years of experience in business development, project & event management and leadership development. As a certified international trainer and facilitator he has delivered over 260 hours of content and produced over 220 events. He is a co-founder of 2 non government organizations, 2 startups and one movement and is an active member or alumni of 8 international organizations. Throughout these years he has led over 180 people directly as well as 530+ people indirectly. He is a license holder for “Incitement” Serbia, international motivational platform present in 30+ countries. He strongly believes in following your own “WHY” and the potential of aligning it with all aspects of your life!

Danijela Jovic, platfrom content and learning pathway design expert

Danijela Jovic, works with Impact Hub Belgrade as Organizational and Youth Development Catalyst. Social sector specialist with educational background in educational psychology and with sixteen years of experience in development and facilitation of non-formal educational programs (trainings, mentorship) at national, regional (south-East Europe) and European level. Professional with strong managerial, research and policy skills in youth development with emphasis on non-formal education and quality of youth service provision; and in the area of job creation and skills development, poverty and social impact assessment, and social inclusion (Roma, disabled, refugees). Experience in development work with and within all three sectors – civil (non-governmental), governmental and private sector. As volunteer, provides Audio description for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media (theater, dance).

Milos Mitrovic, platform visual identity and user experience designer

Milos has a masters degree in architecture and is currently developing his skills as a UI/UX designer and animator. While working as the Creative Lead at Impact Hub Belgrade, he realized that User Experience has many overlapping points with architecture concerning aesthetics and functionality. His main concern is to provide a pleasurable learning experience for all users on the Add+Venture platform. A young entrepreneur himself, starting-up his own bureau (Bureau Twentytwo) that is based on the total design methodology, has personal motive for developing a quality product.

Aleksandar Kandic, platform web developer

Currently studying Information Systems and Technologies and working as Teaching Associate at the University of Belgrade. Very passionate about technology and experienced in the field of web development. In free time, enjoys all kinds of sports activities.

Stefan Vujovic, platform web developer

Lives and works in Belgrade. Currently employed as a Teaching Associate at the University of Belgrade. Loves to travel, enjoys live music and works on solving problems using data and technology.

Andreja Korsic, PYTBUL IHB/Add+venture project coordinator

I am currently leading PYTBUL project within Impact Hub Belgrade. My educational background is in cultural management and in my professional life I have been actively involved in different art projects and youth development on several levels. I have also been researching the potential of art and art techniques in creating enabling environment for dialogue about and resolving of issues such as social exclusion and non-supportive learning environments. I can also command any dance floor.

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