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Pula international meeting – Belgrade group’s impressions

Impact Hub Belgrade and Add+venture platform’s team had a blast in Pula, Croatia! We’ve had the chance to catch up live with our project partners, discuss all the possibilities of connecting in future projects and having a grand ol’ time.

One of the things we kind of dreaded was test no.2 of Add+venture, now with all the functionalities and visual identity almost completed. However, not only did we get super positive feed-back, we left Pula with a few truly important insights from our partners! So, there’s more work to be done, but we are positive it will only make our previous efforts produce more incredible results. We’re all about participatory and user-based solutions, so this process relies heavily on feed-back from our potential add+venturers.

Meeting local youth work and NFE practitioners has become a staple of PYTBUL international meetings, and we can say that VCI friends outdid themselves this time in that department! Just one of the many super inspiring people we met was Irena, one of the master-minds of Social Centre Rojc – Make sure to check it out if you’re interested in active and creative people and their mindsets which are producing *community change* daily.

This whole trip made sense altogether – one of the reasons being excellent wine and sea food incredibly seductive Pula offers!

Here are just few photos so you can feel as if you were (almost) there 🙂






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