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Empowering young people to participate

Erasmus+ and Youth in Action programmes published an assortment of European good practice projects aiming to empower young people to participate in society, that were implemented from 2012 to 2014. We are sure there were many more great projects, but check out these to get going.

Empowering young people…

If you still havent’t clicked the above link, here are more info on what to expect when you do:

You might find ideas for individual or group efforts to change something, big or small (or simply yourself, which may or may not be the hardest of all) – in other words, to get inspired and, eventually, to inspire others. The publication includes a variety of initiatives – from one-time youth conferences around an important topic to long-term Eurepean Voluntary Service projects… And there’s a huge chance you’ll find a project from your country or from a country you’ve been to 😉

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