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PYLE activities are going on!


The activities of the PYLE project are continuously happening in the 3 partner countries Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia. Last weekend, the 2nd transnational meeting happened in the office of Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK in Skopje Macedonia. Below the mountain Vodno, where the youth center Krikni is, 15 participants (5 each) from Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia get together to speak about the project activities. From 11-14th of April, the 2nd transnational meeting happened. The representatives that were present at the meetings were the project coordinators and the experts which are working on implementing the Intellectual outputs from the project. In the last months, the project partners were actively working on the document Good practice of Emancipated Learning. In order to prepare this documents, the organizations organized focus group where they evaluated the good practices. During the meeting this document was discussed and ideas were shared what should be added and how to improve it.

Furthermore, the participants were discussing the next project activities. In the next period, starting from October 2018 training for mentors will be implemented on national level in each of the project partners’ countries. The participants will be trained how to implement the program of PDCAE  (Program for Developing Competences for Autonomous Employments). During the meeting, we started preparing the program, finalizing the target group of the mentors and developing the program.

The next transnational meeting is scheduled for 13th till 16th of September in Pula, Croatia.

Till the next time.

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