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Innovation in Youth Work: Thinking in Practice (book)

Book Innovation in Youth Work: Thinking in Practice, editet by Naomi Stanton and published by YMCA George Williams College, aims to offer reflections for youth workers to stimulate their thinking, dialogue and practice.

Some of the sections include suggested activities that can be used with young people directly; others are for use with staff and volunteers to prompt discussion about youth work in the current context that practitioners find themselves in.

Aim for the resource is that it will encourage innovative thinking and practice through ideas and activities that youth workers find useful and that will help them to consider their work together with other youth workers and young people.

A range of issues and topics are covered within the book including, among others:

  • volunteering,
  • evaluation,
  • conflict,
  • mentoring and
  • social action.

Authors hope that this resource plays a small part in continuing to sustain and encourage youth workers because we firmly believe that youth work is valuable and the role that youth workers play is highly significant to the young people they engage with.

Whole book is available here.

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