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How can we prepare youngsters for the jobs after 2020?

Have you ever heard about “mind fitness coach” profession? We neither.

That is why employee of Volunteer Centre Istria participated in an amazing training within one KA2 strategic partnership project – exchange of good practices, called “After 2020“.

The aim of the project is to raise professional capacity participating youth workers in order to help them to support young people in developing competences according nowadays realities and future jobs.

Five organisation within the project will try to fulfill the aim through:

  • exploring different exist competence models for to help youth workers to adapt learning process to the nowadays realities and priorities;
  • developing skills of youth workers to organise and facilitate learning process in order to support young people in future integration into the labor market;
  • exchanging good practices and experience in supporting young people in developing competences;
  • exploring together with youth workers and young people jobs of future and ways how to be prepared for them;
  • developing and delivering new activities and services for young people 13-16 y.o in order to support them in developing competences and future integration to the labor market;
  • developing network on international and regional levels.

Training was held in Narva, Estonia, for one week (end of October, 2018), and it was facilitated by local NGO, VitaTiim. Participants came from Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.

Due to new trends, which are globalization, information society, technologies, demographic change, ecology challenges, new economics, personalization and individualization, some “new” skills are coming up, such as sens-making, critical thinking, social intelligence, tolerance, creative thinking, project thinking, digital literacy, transdisciplinarity, self-management and virtual collaboration.

Yes, they are not “new”. We have already heard about them. But now it is time to start making encouraging environment for their adoption and development among the youngsters, because jobs/ professions are changing. Actually, they are changing so fast (due to trends) that we can not predict what they will be and how they will look like.

That is why we have to turn to new methods in education and facilitate, encourage and mentor more and teach (in formal way) less.

If you are interested in this topic, here are some good sources you can explore:

Most likely to succeed: Preparing our kids for the innovation era. Authors: Wagner, Tony & Dintersmith, Ted (2015). 

Global Education Futures: Initiative

The Industries of the Future. Author: Ross, Alec (2016) 

Homo Deus. Author: Harari, Yuval Noah (2015)

Atlas of Emerging Jobs. By: Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Skolkovo Moscow Management School (2015).

How AI can save our humanity. Ted Talks 2018. Speaker: Kai-Fu Lee.

*Card game: “What should I do with my life?”

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