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PDCAE program started with implementation in Skopje, Macedonia

In December, Krik started implementing the program for Developing the Capacities for Autonomous Employment. The program is consisted of 4 modules. The first module was implemented in December, the second module will be implemented in January, the 3 module will be implemented in February and the 4th module will be implemented in March.

The program is implemented by Mila Karadafova and Dragan Atasov, trainers with many years experience.

The group-the participants from the module are the field workers which are working on the field on the Youth Guarantee process. The people already are mapping young unemployed people in different municipalities in Macedonia. This program will support them build their capacities and offer different learning opportunities to the unemployed people in Skopje.

Some of the participants knew each other before the program starts, some did not. So all of them had the opportunity to get to know each other better, to build the group, to work on personal and group development and to get to know more about the program.

More pictures from the program can be found here

Stay tuned for more information about the implementation of the program in Skopje. 

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