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Adult Education in the Republic of Macedonia

Results from the Adult Education Survey, 2016

According to the data of the State Statistical Office, of the total number of persons aged 25 to 64 years in the Republic of Macedonia, 150 111 participated in education and lifelong learning activities in 2016, of which 80 550 (53.6%) were men and 69 561 (46.4%) were women. Most of the persons (44.7%) were aged 25 to 34, while the fewest (9.4%) were aged 55 to 64. The participation rate in education and training in 2016 was 12.7, while the participation rate of persons aged 25 to 34 was 20.6. Of those who attended formal or non-formal education, 31.4% (47 082) participated in formal education, while 81.7% (122 567) took part in non-formal education. Of the persons with tertiary and higher education, 50.6% attended formal education and 60.6% non-formal education. According to economic activity, 56.7% of the employed participated in formal education and 87.6% in non-formal education. By type of activity, of the total number of participants in non-formal education, 56.7% participated in workshops, 33.8% in guided on-the-job training and 28.1% in courses. Most of the employed persons (61.7%) attended workshops and seminars, while most of the inactive population (79.6%) attended courses. Job-related activities in non-formal education and training were prevalent in person aged 25 to 34 (37.3%), while the structure by sex shows that more women aged 35 to 44 (36.2%) participated in non-formal job-related activities than men (26.6%). During 2016, 795 089 persons were involved in informal learning activities, of which 52.0% were men while 48.0% were women, and the highest share in this informal learning process was registered among persons aged 25 to 34.

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